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If you enjoy eating fried chicken in massive quantities then you have got to give Raising Cane’s a try. The brand-new restaurant has recently opened its doors to Orlando and definitely deserves a shot. 

Set a course for 7105 Palm Pkwy and get ready to experience the restaurant that has turned the heads of students since its opening on November 7. 

Originating in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Raising Cane’s brings a bayou twist to fried chicken to the greater Orlando area. 

Chicken is served with the restauraunt signature and fan favorite Cane’s sauce. The sauce is a mayonnaise-based sauce with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and seasonings, like garlic powder and a healthy amount of freshly cracked black pepper.

This type of chicken has been popular among teens for many years. “I think it is more popular among teens rather than adults since adults have seperate preferences or they cook their own food that they like,” freshman Adrian Gonzales said.

With the rise of Raising Cane’s, other fast food restaurants that have been Orlando staples will be compared to the new kid on the block.

“I really doubt that Raising Cane’s will take over its competition because there are other options that are better and closer which are more popular,” sophomore Ashley Enamorado said.

Raising Cane’s will have to step up its game if it’s going to be competing against other fast food restaurants. 

As it currently stands, Raising Cane’s is currently yeilding lines that would make theme park enthusiasts turn their heads. 

During opening week 38,000 “Caniacs” recieved their first taste of Cane’s chicken tenders. As customers poured in, the lines backed up. “The first time I heard about Cane’s was when my friends were talking about it and I also saw it when I was scrolling through social media and in my opinion I do think people will get attracted to it and give it a try.” Junior Enmanuel Velasquez said.

Via the social media buzz that Raising Cane’s has recieved, reviews for their meals have come flooding in. However, the chicken combos have been met with positivity.

“The bread was amazing and very fluffy, rhe chicken was very crispy and the sauce was the perfect touch, the line was long but worth the wait,” sophomore Julia Soler Puga said.

Whether the hype is real or not, Raising Cane’s has made a dramatic entrence to our hometown. All this goes to show that this crispy addition to Orlando is here to stay.


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