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The rich and diverse coffee scene in Orlando has been a staple of the city for years, and no matter if you are a coffee enthusiast, a casual coffee drinker, or even if you don’t indulge, local coffee shops can be a great spot to hang out, study, or even chill with friends.

Many factors can make a coffee shop superior, such as the quality of the coffee, food, as well as the aesthetic and the atmostsphere. 

Junior Kiley Rezende said, “I usually don’t get coffee often but if I do have to, I go to the Drunken Monkey, It feels less corporate. You can talk to the servers and baristas.”

The comfortable environment of this Orlando classic draws in all types of people.

With the Orlando area being very developed, progressive, and young; this type of establishment is very popular with the community of all ages. 

Most of these coffee shops are picturesque, small, and ready for Instagram which draws in the younger people of the Orlando community. Jill Mollenhauer said, “Gourmet Croissants on Morse Blvd doesn’t have the best aesthetic but has the best coffee, you can sit outside and people watch.” 

The prices of these stores also reflects their likeness.

“Drunken Monkey is my favorite, the environment is very cool and the coffee prices are reasonable and the food is some of the best in Orlando,” junior Ryan Clark said. 

Some of these more high end shops include The Glass Knife, La Loba, Axum Coffee, and Gideons Bakehouse at East End Market, which all have treats that are a little more expensive but the taste is worth the price. 

 On the other hand, some smaller shops are cheaper yet still deicious. Under this category, theres Drunken Monkey, Stardust Video & Cafe, and Austin’s Coffee.

Coffee Shops are a classic place to study, and all of Orlando is filled with these study nooks.Stardust Video & Coffee, Foxtail, CFS Coffee, and Lineage Coffee always have a big crowd of studiers. 

All of these little shops have the perfect atmosphere for lounging during the day and going out at night.

Whether you want to hangout with friend, grab a quick drink, or if you need a quiet place to study, theres a coffee shop near Orlando for you.

Photo/Ziggy Owen
Stardust Video & Coffee in Winter Park


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