Brainy Braves – Issue 1

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1. University with a black and gold palette.

3. Soccer team whose mascot is the lion.

5. Art center that shares its name with an ocps high school.

7. Where the orlando eye is located.

10. A local business just a short walk from school.


2. Basketball team that represents the city

4. The host of totem talk

6. Where you can eat and shop while experiencing disney

8. The park where chugapalooza takes place

9. A feeder school to our campus that is just a walk away

11. Stands tall in the middle of our campus

12. A perfect spot for strolls and swam boats

answer key


2. Orlando Magic

4. Dr Maestre

6. Disney Springs

8. Wadeview

9. Blankner

11. Totem Pole

12. Lake Eola


1. UCF

3. Orlando City

5.  Dr Phillips

7. I-Drive

10. Kelly’s



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