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The 2023-2024 soccer season has brought ups and downs both off and on the field for all four teams in the program. Boys JV going 6-1-3, Boys Varsity going 9-5-1, Girls JV going 6-0-4, and Girls Varsity going 10-3. The Varsity boys got their biggest win in an exciting 2-0 victory against Lake Mary, a top ranked team in the Orlando area. 

As is the case with any season, all four teams have gone through struggles as the season has unfolded, but they are learning to take them in stride as they continue the season.

“I feel like the wins have really brought the team closer but the losses show us we have to improve,” sophomore goalie Gaby Pineda said. Pineda has been asked to move into the goalie position this season, she has only let one ball through the posts, an impressive mark for her first campaign in front of the net.

Soccer can be time consuming though and comes with struggles throughout the campaign. “I struggle with having more time to do things outside of soccer like getting work done or simply hanging out with friends,” sophomore Steven Mercedes said. “It’s definitely tough, but if I really focus and try to manage my time I can get it done,” freshman Ledger Robinson said.

The teams have had to persevere through the rain, heat, and even holding practices during winter break. “I’m committed to giving my all to the team,” freshman Kathleen Clark said. Whether it’s playing through a big injury, or sacrificing free time to attend practice, these players are determined to show up for the team and do their best.

Soccer can be an escape and a form of expression for players, when on the field they are only asked to think about soccer. “Soccer has positively affected my mental health, it keeps me busy and takes my mind off things,” freshman Lincoln Reedy said.

While the success of the team is nice it comes as a bonus for players. It is clear that the program provides a break both physically and mentally for all student athletes involved. This peace of mind is reflected in their commitment to the game and will surely help them achieve their goals this season and goals in life.


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