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After years of setbacks, the girls’ basketball team was bound to reach a breakthrough. Their 19-3 winning record on the season makes a return for the first time since the 2006-2007 season.

“Having a winning record is key to being successful throughout the season and keeping our winning record also makes games more fun and intense,” senior Victoria DelaCruz said. 

The team started their season with the Metro tournament going 1-2, beating East River 53-31 and losing to Colonial 35-54 and Oakridge 61-55. But the girls did not let this discourage their spirit. 

“I try to have an optimistic outlook so we can learn from our mistakes and come back stronger next game,” senior Kate McCormack said. 

During the week following the Metro tournament, the girls took down Timber Creek 43-29, Trinity Prep 64-10, in addition to surviving a tough visit to Wildwood 60-51. The leading scorer of all three games was McKenna Murphy (right) with 16, 17, and 25 points. 

 “Beating Wildwood felt amazing, the game was intense going into the game they felt we were the underdogs and shouldn’t even be playing them. Our team came out, played hard, and showed them our craft,” senior Kayleigh Thomas said. 

After those three games, the team’s strengths were highlighted when they went on a 10-1 tear.

“[Our biggest strength] is definitely our energy; we have lots of energy on the floor and the bench. The team bond this year has really pushed us to our best season,” junior Elina Del Rosario said.

The girls basketball team is hoping to keep the same energy throughout the rest of the season to reach their goals. One of their biggest goals is to carry their exiting season into the post-season tournaments. 

Murphy said, “I want to win as many games as possible, keep our team strong, and hopefully go to the playoffs.  

Murphy is a huge reason for her team”s success. She registered her 1,000th career point against University High School on January 10.


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